Search Marketing


Being found quickly, easily and prior to your competitors  is the key to profitable internet marketing



60% of search engine clicks are given to the top three spots on a search engine.  Being on the first page, at a minimum, is vital to your long term business success.



Watson+Nowlin will give you the best chance of being listed there through search marketing.

Content Marketing


Once you have captivated your audience, being heard clearly and in a concise manner is critical to keeping your streams flowing.


The internet is in the era of content marketing.   Companies that blog have approximately 430% more webpages indexed.  This means more traffic, more leads, more revenue and more growth because of blogging.


Watson+Nowlin offers professional blogging services that are optimized, fun, visual and, more importantly are not mind numbingly boring.

Social Media Marketing


Having an active social presence where your content is read, respected and shared is critical to positioning your brand.


When browsers are exposed to both search marketing and social marketing, CTR to their websites has increased by as much as 94%.  Having a young staff member run your social marketing instead of a comparably priced professional can mean the difference between weekly postings and viral engagement.

Watson+Nowlin can increase your fan count, your engagement count and turn a boring page into something you can brag about.

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