Quickbooks File Doctor: Download and Install to Fix Company File and Network Errors

Quickbooks File Doctor: Download and Install to Fix Company File and Network Errors

QuickBooks has become a superior choice for numerous business owners for managing complicated financial tasks like tracking expenses, taxes, invoices, etc. efficiently. Now entrepreneurs don’t face many complications in performing all these works as accounting and bookkeeping can be done effortlessly with this software.

But QuickBooks is human-made software, so, some errors and bugs occur naturally in it. That is why the software company Intuit developed QuickBooks File Doctor to resolve common QBs  QuickBooks. In this article, you will read major facts about QuickBooks File Doctor and how to use this repairing tool on your own to fix troublesome errors.

QuickBooks File Doctor: Explained

Quickbooks Desktop File Doctor can fix corrupt data, window problems, network diagnosis, etc. This tool is a combination of QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool and QuickBooksNetwork Connectivity Diagnostic Tool.

  • QBFD fixes network-related issues.
  • It can fix H102, and H505 errors.
  • When crucial data is missing or lost then also this tool helps.
  • In case, a user wants to access his company file in a system that is stored in another system, the tool can work wonders in such cases also.
  • H series errors- Error H101, Error H303, Error H202, and Error H505.
  • Damaged Company files.

Points to Note

  • Uninstall the previous Quickbooks Desktop File Doctor before installing the newest of this tool.
  • This repair tool supports all QBs Windows versions.
  • QBFD doesn’t support the Mac system.

QuickBooks File Repair Doctor: Types

ickBooks File Repair Doctor: Types

  1. Built-in QuickBooks File Doctor: This is an in-built version that fixes Problem-related data.
  2. QBs File Doctor Stand-alone Version: Those errors that can be fixed by the in-built version are resolved by the Stand-alone Version.

Quickbooks File Doctor Download: Requirements

  • Network Diagnosis and Repair: For accessing this setting, use the Admin Login in Windows.
  • QB File Repair: Optional.
  • Multi-user Repair and Diagnosis: You have to ON the QBs hosting mode to access this setting.

Steps to Download Quickbooks File Doctor

  • Download ‘Quickbooks File Doctor’ from Intuit’s website.
  • If this tool is already downloaded then just tap on a ‘Green’ icon.
  • Tap twice on the downloaded ‘QBFD.EXE file.’
  • Follow all screen instructions coming on your screen to install the tool.
  • After installing, open the tool.
  • Find or browse the company file manually.
  • Tap on ‘Check File Damage Only’ and choose the ‘Diagnose File’ option. (Tap on the ‘Check your File and Network Connectivity’ option when there is a damaged company file. Choose ‘Network’ while using QBs in a multi-user mode.)
  • Fill in the Admin Password and Hit ‘Next.’
  • Now, choose between the Host/Server or Computer. Choose the Workstation/Host Icon for running the tool on another computer. To run the tool on the server, tap on the Server Icon.
  • Choose ‘Yes’ if this tool runs on the host system containing the Quickbooks company file, otherwise select ‘No.’
  • The fixing process will start.
  • After the repair process, close the tool.

Download QBFD using QuickBooks Tool Hub

  • Download QuickBooks Tool Hub from Intuit site.
  • Tap twice on it to launch the tool.
  • Select the ‘Company File’ with the error.
  • Run Quickbooks file doctor by clicking on it and conduct a scan to recognize and repair the error.
  • After it, tap on the ‘Repair’ button to fix the issue.

Download QBFD using Built-in QuickBooks File Doctor

  • Open QuickBooks.
  • Reach out to the ‘File’ option.
  • Choose ‘Utility’ inside the File tab.
  • To open the file doctor tool, tap on ‘Repair File and Network Problems’.
  • Find the company file and open it.
  • Reach out to the ‘Show Advanced Settings’ option and pick the issue you want to fix and tap on ‘Next.’
  • The file will get repaired automatically. After that, access your company file and perform your work.

Drawbacks of Quickbooks File Doctor

m your work. Drawbacks of Quickbooks File Doctor

  • The QBs file size must not exceed 2GB.
  • Make sure to establish a good internet connection in order to upload your company file.
  • Log in as an Admin to access the Quickbooks File Doctor.
  • The option of ‘Network Connectivity Diagnosis and Repair’ will not work appropriately if you have multiple QBs versions in a single system.
  • The Network Connectivity Diagnosis and Repair option does not function in those Systems that have installed Database Server Manager.

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Final Words

Hopefully, you have got all information about the QBFD tool and other aspects related to it. Concepts like, how to download Quickbooks File Doctor 2017, the way to use it, drawbacks, etc, have been discussed thoroughly here. However, if you have complex queries then feel free to contact QuickBooks Customer Support 24×7 on their toll-free number. The experts will listen to your issues and provide the best guidance.

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