YouTube Removes Video Responses

youtube video response

YouTube Removes Video Responses

Tomorrow YouTube will remove all video responses from being displayed under the video player.  Citing terrible CTR, the YouTube creator blog states, “So, on September 12 we’re going to retire this little-used feature as we work to develop more effective fan engagement tools for creators.”  While we have never noticed impressive CTR on video responses, we have noticed a higher rate than the 0.004% YouTube cites.  It was a way to grab the attention of our audience with more related content, especially when our responses were the only ones allowed.  It worked well enough, too.

New YouTube Traffic Strategies

YouTube does recommend the InVideo Programming option, which you definitely should be using if you are not already.  They also say that they are working on more engaging ways to find new audiences, such as allowing video links to show in the comments.  However, if there is one thing Google and YT have always been against- it is links being posted in the comments section.  Which makes us think:

1. Will this make brands and curators appear spammy.

2. Will this incite Google algo penalties from links in comments sections.  We don’t see Google being able to contextualize a relevant video from a WORK AT HOME NOW video in the next few months.

3.Will video links in comments have higher weight or will they be lost in the endless que of comments like the other 98% of text comments are?
Does YouTube Have Ulterior Motives?

For the sake of argument, could YouTube be removing these responses in hopes of promoting another objective?  For example, running pre roll ads on relevant videos outside of your channel.  They are a public company, and they have to increase quarterly earnings, after all.    A stretch, sure, but why not simply leave the video response options until a newer, better way emerges and then replace the option?


youtube removes video response
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