Small Business Saturday: Grow Your Business in 24 Hours

Small Business Saturday has an immense potential for businesses to connect with loyal or new customers that believe fiercely in keeping wealth and jobs secured in your local city.  These are the customers who will talk about their experience, who will advocate on your behalf and who will continue to spend with you.  Here are 4 tips on how to connect with this crowd.


Be Novel

Gaining people’s attention isn’t really that hard.   You just need to be novel with your execution, as it pertains to your location.  Never had a chalk board on the sidewalk? Get one for Small Business Saturday.  Write a contextual note about the event.   Balloons? Easy.  Write on those windows of yours THANK YOU BOULDERITES  (Or San Diegoans? San Diegites?).  Make sure not to cover up your merchandise too much, though.


chalk sign


Create an Exclusive Customer List  

At check out make it very easy for people purchasing from you to sign up for a newsletter or to enter a seasonal contest.  The old business card bowl, with scrap paper nearby also helps.  Run a contest with a loss leader with something that people will actually want to sign up for.  No one cares about your dumb $5 gift card.  Throw a zero on the end and now we’re talking.  Make sure your customers know that they will be gaining access to exclusive, Small Business Saturday deals and contests in the future as a thank you.


Get More Social

Share pictures of customers, products and staff on social outlets.  If customers allow it, post their pictures online, tag them and watch as your social engagement increases.  The next few weeks you want as much social activity as you can handle given that people are online more frequently.  You can remain top of mind and Small Business Saturday is a great, cheap catalyst to do so.

The South Side Walnut Cafe in Boulder, Colorado is a great example to follow

South Side Walnute Cafe


Show Gratitude

Back to the basics, sure.  It is important to remember that on Small Business Saturday, the people shopping at your store are making a social and emotional statement about their community both in terms of wealth and jobs.  Be grateful, be flexible and turn that customer service up 5 more levels.  Make sure your employees are happy when dealing with customers, too.  A $30 lunch tab for your staff will pay dividends.


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