Why You Need a Mobile Website Now

the good ole days


Remember the days when the internet was supposed to be a fad?  The time when there was “no reason” for a business to have a website at all? When the idea of having a business website was profound and not on the conscious of most people?  As always, those businesses that wanted an advantage and built out websites first, prospered over those that did not.  But, wow, were those websites so terrible that they are borderline awesome:


geo cities sites



Or do you remember this popular question circa 2005?

Do You Have A Facebook?


the next frontier


In a few years we will look back at 2013 the same way we look back at the early stages of Facebook or Geocities and reminisce about the when businesses didn’t have mobile optimized sites.  Mobile usage is still growing rapidly, and Trinity Digital Marketing reports that

1.2 Billion People Use Mobile To Access The Internet


Which means that if you have either not mobile website or a website that looks like garbage on mobile, you are missing the boat.  Mobile is excellent for customers that are looking for information on how and where to spend money.  For example, finding a restaurant is easy on  a smart phone, assuming that the website is mobile friendly.  Finding a nearby store to buy product X should be simple.  If it isn’t then the shopper is going to exit out of your website instantly and find a website that works, so that they can figure out who to spend their money with.  If you are a B2C company there is absolutely no excuse not to have a mobile friendly website in 2013.


Take a look at this popular picture comparison of the audience at the St. Peter’s square in Rome if you don’t think you need to have your business information easily accessible online:











 Or if you haven’t been to a concert lately, most people would rather watch the show through their smart phone screen:

cellphone concert


Have you been to a restaurant offering this yet?

restaurant discount


 It’s time to get serious about navigating the mobile website world.

If you don’t have a mobile website yet, it isn’t too late. Give us a call and we will talk about how we can help.




Thoughts? Experiences? Were we totally wrong? Let us know, in the comments below!

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