Mimi’s Cafe – Restaurant Pictures Spark Crisis

A user on Reddit has posted an album of pictures that is allegedly of the horrifying conditions at a Mimi’s Cafe in Columbia, Maryland.  Mimi’s is quickly finding themselves in a nation wide social media crisis as news of the pictures are going viral.  Here are some of the pictures that are, allegedly, from Mimi’s Cafe:







gRuYoUV Mimis cafe columbia MD

Currently, Mimi’s Cafe Twitter feed is sitting idle as well as their Facebook account, despite numerous mentions and questions as to whether or not this is a hoax.  A brief glance into their Twitter activity:

mimis cafe columbia maryland


Mimi’s Cafe is also having issues on their Facebook account:

  mimis cafe columbia maryland

A similar situation happened last year at Golden Corral, when an employee took his cellphone outside to record video footage of the conditions in which the restaurant raw food was enduring.  The YouTube video quickly went viral, prompting Golden Corral to dodge responsibility stating, “”The Port Orange incident was a result of the associate manager making a bad decision to improperly store food when the corporate inspector made a routine, unannounced visit to the restaurant. I apologize that a member of my management team made this bad decision.”

Golden Corral Video


When reached for comment, Mimi’s Cafe declined to respond but did forward on a L.A. based phone number to their PR company whose number goes directly to voice mail.   Doing a quick Google search resulted in a website that did not have explicit mentions of public relations services.


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Mimi’s Cafe has finally started to address this issue:

Mimi's in Columbia Maryland health inspection


Then Mimi’s Cafe switched to a canned response that is a picture.  We speculate either being unable to keep up with the whirlwind, or at their lawyer’s suggestion:

mimis cafe roach pictures

But, then…

mimis cafe health inspection

mimis response


It now appears that Mimi’s Cafe official fan page is completely gone. As of 9 A.M. MST, the direct link to the Facebook page for Mimi’s Cafe redirects to your personal newsfeed.


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According to an article published by the Baltimore Sun, Lisa Hernandez, a spokeswoman for the health department, said,  “(the inspection) found nothing critical that would endanger the public or cause us to close the restaurant.”  The official response from Mimi’s Cafe headquarters to this release, ” At this time, we cannot verify the accuracy of the photos, or whether they were taken at one of our restaurants, but we are investigating the matter. ”  

mimis cafe health department violations

Though had this been the immediate response from Mimi’s the virality of these pictures might have been extinguished. 




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