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Being found quickly, easily and prior to your competitors is the key to internet marketing

60% of search engine clicks are given to the top three spots on a search engine.  Being on the first page, at a minimum, is vital to your long term business success.  W+N has a great track record of ranking client websites on the first page of Google while maintaining Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.   The foundation of marketing in 2013 is, without a doubt, having an optimized website ranking well for popular and creative terms.  This is the first step to gaining more clients, and often times the most lucrative.

If you do not currently have a website or need your website overhauled, we can take care of that for you, too.


Watson+Nowlin follows Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.  That means no aggressive ‘back linking’ that SEO sellers rely on and that Google hates.  We are not going to spam your company name or website in blog comments, and we certainly aren’t trying to cheat the system when it comes to search engine rankings.

We don’t do SEO, we do Search Marketing, and there is a massive difference.

The best part?

We outperform SEO selling services.

We have found that keeping the user experience in mind, being truthful, honest and creating good content is paying dividends for us and the clients that align with us.  We are making the internet a better place, and one with less spammers.  It’s a great feeling, and our clients are making more money than they were before hiring us.


A lot of internet marketers like to add on bells and whistles to websites.  They see websites as something that should be ever expansive, complicated and full of very long paths to basic information.  Watson+Nowlin takes great effort to walk to the more difficult path of simplifying messages, stories and design.

We are concise, visual and strategic.  Extra logos and extra icons are a waste of space and distracting.   They do nothing for the user.  People are on your website to learn about your brand and are probably considering spending money with you.  That’s why Watson+Nowlin is your best option for marketing that is to the point and effective.

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