Does Blogging Work For Marketing?

In blogging’s infancy, posts revolved around insights into the mundane facets of the author’s day.   Fresh coffee, great lunch, check out this new recipe I found online etc.   At this point, blogging for marketing purposes made little to no sense.  But in the last few years the lines between blogging and genuine article creation has become very blurry, to the dismay of professional journalism outlets everywhere.  There are two primary reasons why this change is occurring and why blogging works for marketing.




1. Google Gives Preference To High Quality Content


Google can tell if your website is overstuffed with keywords and if it reads more for robots than it does for people.  They also know if your content is duplicated elsewhere online or if it has been re-purposed.  The reward for doing such is lower rankings, lower traffic and, essentially, a wasted website.


Google’s Matt Cutts has been pushing several talking points in his updates lately, and chief among them is that content is king.  Even more, quality content is king.  So if you want to know if blogging is working for your marketing program you have to ask yourself: “Is this content new and original, or boring and old?”


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2.  Targeting Topics That Imply Buyer Intent Works


In 2013, the sales cycle begins online.  In days gone buy someone might call, or walk into a store so that they could ask questions and gather information.  That same behavior still exists today, but people go to Google to search for answers to their questions and not to sales staff.   Because of this, creating a blog article for your marketing that focuses on one of your most frequently asked questions during the sales process is a wise decision.

Many times, the traffic heading to your website from a relevant article is more qualified and a much hotter lead than someone who may have simply found you at the number one spot for “Generic Company in City, State” .   So the next time your staff receives a question, be certain to take note and analyze at what point that question came in the sales cycle.


These are the top two reasons why blogging works for marketing, but simply creating an article on your page without marketing it will yield little to no results.


Marketing Your Blog Post


Send your post, with pictures, through your established social funnels

Work to gain links from contextual websites that will actually send traffic to your page.  Links for the sake of back linking only are useless

Reach out to industry leaders with your post

Make sure your Google Authorship profile has been set up and attached to your articles

Send out links to your latest articles to your email list

Ensure that your blog can be read on your optimized mobile website.


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