How Content Marketing Put An Obscure Snowboarding Company On The Map

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Signal Snowboards


Signal Snowboards was founded in 2004.  Like many small, independent brands, they relied primarily on local snowboarder support and their passion for snowboarding to keep positive momentum.   Carving out market share in an industry dominated by Burton, Ride and K2 is a tall order and for the most part Signal remained among a group of obscure, but essential independent brands.



Video Marketing


Starting in 2010, Signal Snowboards was a relatively early adopter of  using video marketing at scale.  They created a webseries called Every Third Thursday.  The series takes fans into the factory to watch the Signal team construct new, strange snowboards that are (generally speaking) high in novelty and low in practicality.  Signal has made boombox boards, ipod boards, glass boards and others.  The series is original, the content is unique and the episodes get shared everywhere.  The crazier the idea, the more shares.




Now, Signal Snowboards has rocketed it’s brand to the top of minds in the snowsports industry and has become a household name among the snowboard community.  Their YouTube channel has about 21,000 subscribers and just over 2 million views.  When looking at other channels that have re-hosted their content, that number increases exponentially.  The videos have also created thousands of backlinks to Signal and their YouTube channel.

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  1. Alex Yong Reply

    Sometimes slightly odd ideas develop into the best ones! It’s inspiration. Sometimes you gotta take risks because you can find out things about yourself and your target audience fast,and not trying means no info

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